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Is this you? You know that on-line marketing is a good idea for your business; once it is set up it has the potential to help you reach a local or even a global customer base 24 hours a day BUT the process of starting out seems overwhelming; you have to find a domain name, find a host, create a website, learn WordPress or a similar system and monitor your marketing efforts. On top of all this you are not sure where to start or who to go to for assistance.

But what if you could have all this in one package? A one stop shop with all that you need to run a successful on-line business; even better, if you could have a month’s trial for just $1.

The Digital Business Lounge (DBL) can give you all of this. It is easy to use, you do not need any computing expertise, there is nothing to download or install and the WordPress training is in ‘bite sized’ sections, to help you create a professional website easily and quickly. You can have multiple sites and you will be shown how to create lead capture pages using the templates provided. The DBL will also provide a simple way to track the success of your marketing campaigns, including split testing and funnel tracking. (If any of the terms mentioned here mean very little, you will soon become familiar with them).

So what have you got to lose? Well nothing actually; the month’s trial is only $1, so you will have time to try out the system and see what it can do for your business. All you need to do is click on the banner below and you can begin your on-line adventure.

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If you need to learn how to market your product on-line, the Digital Business Lounge can show you how.


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